Metaphoric Rise.

Metaphoric rise
A brief history of incidents surrounding the emergence of POTUS#45

i. rousting

hot wind howls through a hollow log
tawny tumbleweed trundles
over downtrodden plains

ii. ravening

on a sunlit lawn
a plump slug streaks forward
eyes on stalks

iii. a new religion

branches bowed with bloated fruit
nod to the gilded idol
dark clouds fall in behind

iv. aftermath

a squat lizard basks
on a sickle-hacked trail
black legs flail from his lips

v. in the bay

beacon dimmed and tablet fractured
the lady endures
her robes about her feet

vi. paradox lost

a fiery sunrise
heralds stormy days to come
ice shifts at the poles

(First published in The Irish Times newspaper on 20 January 2017, with sincere thanks to Martin Doyle, Books Editor. Subsequently published in where the lost things go (Salmon Poetry, 2017), with eternal gratitude to Jessie Lendennie, Publisher and tireless campaigner for women poets.)

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