1. Glabella
    The space between the eyebrows.
  2. Petrichor
    The way it smells after the rain.
  3. Aglet
    The plastic or metallic coating at the end of the shoelaces.
  4. Wamble
    The rumbling sound that the stomach makes.
  5. Vagitus
    The first cry of a new born baby.
  6. Tines
    The prongs on a fork.
  7. Phosphenes
    The sheen or light that you see when you close your eyes and press your hands on them.
  8. Tent
    The tiny plastic table placed in the middle of a pizza box.
  9. Overmorrow
    The day after tomorrow.
  10. minimus
    The smallest finger or toe.
  11. Agraffe
    The weird cage that holds the cork in bottle of champagne.
  12. Vocables
    The ‘na na na’ and ‘la la la’ which don’t really have any meaning in the lyrics of a song.
  13. Interrobang
    When combine an exclamation mark with a question mark (i.e. ?!).
  14. Columella nasi
    The space between the nostrils.
  15. Armscye
    The armhole in clothes where the sleeves are sewn.
  16. Dysania
    The condition of finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning.
  17. Griffonage
    Illegible handwriting.
  18. tittle
    The dot over an “i” or a “j”.
  19. Crapulence
    The utterly sick feeling you get after eating or drinking too much.
  20. Bannock device
    The metallic device used to measure your feet at the shoe store.
  21. Steatopygic
    Having a large bottom.
  22. Purlicue:
    The space between the thumb and forefingers.
  23. Chanking
    Spat-out food.
  24. Lunule
    The white, crescent shaped part of the nail.
  25. Peen
    The side opposite the hammer’s striking side.
  26. Souffle cup
    A ketchup/condiment cup.
  27. Natiform
    Something that resembles a butt.
  28. Nurdle.
    Tiny dab of toothpaste.
  29. Cornicione
    The outer part of the crust on a pizza.
  30. Barm
    The foam on a beer.
  31. Rasceta
    The lines on the inside of your wrist.
  32. Ferrule
    The metal part at the end of a pencil.
  33. Punt
    The bottom of a wine bottle.
  34. Keeper
    The loop on a belt that keeps the end in place after it has passed through the buckle.
  35. Zarf
    The cardboard sleeve on a coffee cup.
  36. Rectal Tenesmus
    The feeling of incomplete defecation
  37. Lemniscate
    The infinity symbol.
  38. Desire path
    A path created by natural means, simply because it is the “shortest or most easily navigated” way.
  39. Collywobbles:
    Butterflies in your stomach.
  40. Nibling
    The non-gender-specific term for a niece or nephew — like sibling.
  41. Defenestrate
    To throw out a window.
  42. Muntin
    The strip separating window panes.
  43. Philtrum
    The groove located just below the nose and above the middle of the lips.
  44. Snood
    The fleshy thing around the neck of a turkey.
  45. Morton’s toe
    When your second toe is bigger than your big toe.
  46. Snellen chart
    The chart you look at when you take an eye exam.
  47. Obelus
    The division sign (÷).
  48. Phloem bundles
    Those long stringy things you see when peeling a banana.
  49. Semantic satiation
    What happens when you say a word so long it loses meaning.
  50. Octothorpe
    The pound (#) button on a telephone.
  51. Gynecomastia
  52. Mondegreen
    Misheard song lyrics.
  53. Scurryfunge
    The time you run around cleaning frantically right before company comes over.
  54. Aphthongs
    Silent letters.

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